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So we’re off to the Polls…. The Good, The Bad and the down right Ugly….

Posted on: January 30th, 2013

So we’re off to the Polls… 2nd July 2016..the big day…  Below is an extract what I wrote back before the last Federal Election.  Sadly, it still rings true today!

What does this election mean to you?

I know what it means to me, I say with a sigh…. heaps and heaps of Political Ads, Flyers and brochures and off course Social Media…

The good Ad’s will hopefully make me laugh.

The bad ones will most likely make me cringe.

The Down right Ugly ones will most likely make me feel embarrassed and mad as hell…

I’m intrigued though.  will they influence me and other every day people to vote for a party.   Do the Ad’s and flyer/pamphlets influence you?

Here’s a question..  Do you prefer the context be around why we should vote for a particular party or do you like campaigns based on why we shouldn’t vote for a particular party?

I know which I prefer, but I may be of the minority, I’m not sure.  But here it is.

I want our next leader to inspire me with their Vision and inspire confidence in the different sectors that makes us who we are.. I want to know we as a nation will prosper and there is a plan in place.

We’re definitely still the lucky country and instead of hearing about what’s wrong all the time ( which reminds me of my Aunty who was never happy, I used to cringe going to visit, all she did was complain about everything and everyone, she was not happy with her lot in life, sadly she ended up dying alone because everyone (besides  my mum, who had the patience of a saint) got sick of her negativity and stayed away).

I reckon we need to start promoting this great country especially on a global  level tell the world what we do so right, I think we  could be the champions and world leaders of so many new technologies… But we need a Leader with guts and a Vision, one who won’t be afraid to go against their power brokers to achieve it.

I do know I’m definitely over the negative….. and I miss the fact that we don’t have a real character leading us, some one who has a uniqueness about them, on one hand is able to speak from the heart and and is also strong enough not to need  the Spin Doctors to tell them what to say, when to say it and how to say it… (When it comes to Spin all the Major parties  are as guilty as the other)…

So if you had your choice,  who would you want as our next Prime Minister and why does this person stand out above the rest?

and does the political campaigning influence the  way you vote?




I’m interested to know what you think… let me know






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