Sue Day – The Voice of Penrith

Who is Sue Day?

Penrith is my home.  I love this City!

Overdevelopment and problems with congestion on roads and public transport means that locals need a representative that shares their concerns and community values. I will be that person. I will work tirelessly to make sure Penrith is a vibrant liveable city.

It’s essential that we have an innovative economy that is supported by sustainable, affordable and accessible public transport and that there is a greater investment in Penrith’s development, growth and infrastructure.

Why choose Sue Day

  • I’m passionate about Penrith and want to serve the community interests, Not my own.
  • I will give Penrith a strong independent voice.
  • I’m not a developer –  I have no conflict of interest.
  • I have no hidden agendas and I’m not using Council as a stepping stone to Sate or Federal Politics.
  • I will continue to create an environment of inclusiveness, trust and respect between the people of Penrith and myself.
  • I will fight for better planning outcomes that reflect the aspirations of the community.
  • To work in partnership with the Penrith Communities.
  • Our Environment needs us to ensure it’s appreciated and protected.
  • I have over 25 years experience in Business Management.

Benefit to the Community

  • I will give local people a genuine and meaningful voice in shaping their local area.
  • I will be focused, ensure transparent participation, and communicate effectively.
  • I will work tirelessly to make sure that Penrith is a vibrant livable City
  • I will fight for better planning outcomes that must integrate land use with a better range of transport options.
  • I will work to create more livable, sustainable, and thriving residential, business and recreational areas.
  • I will ensure that our rate rises are minimised.
  • I will make sure our rubbish service suits the communities requirements.
  • I will support Council to actively pursue and encourage the relocation of a diverse range of industries to the Penrith region.
  • Ensure that Council uses operational resources more efficiently and that cost-efficient management measures are used to operate the administration and community assets, services and facilities.
  • Ensure that information be provided in a way that is transparent, accurate and easy to understand via variety of methods including letters, social media, websites and events.

My Vision

This local council election is not about me, it is about the Penrith People, their families and the community,

My vision if elected is to work diligently towards making sure that people are the center of all our decision-making processes.

I’m inspired because I believe it’s time for a new perspective and fresh new ideas to make Penrith a vibrant livable place.

My motivation for running for council is to ensure that we have appropriate infrastructure to make Penrith livable, accessible, and prosperous. I believe all environmental planning should be sound and every piece of development must be sustainable.

My Commitment

I will represent the interests of all people of Penrith, being electors, ratepayers and residents.

I will provide leadership and guidance by highlighting options and presenting solid arguments or possible solutions to problems at both community gatherings and council meetings.

I believe in and will engage in two-way communication between Council and the people of Penrith.

I will weigh evidence and make decisions in the best interests of the community and I will always ask the community what its expectations are of Council now and in the future.

I will always seek what the people see as our major difficulties, opportunities, and benefits of living in Penrith.

My Principles

Penrith has always been about family, I will preserve and promote our culture with respect, trust, and inclusiveness in line with this principle

  • Strong Leadership Outcomes can only be achieved via strong Community leadership through Council.
  • Inclusion Local Government requires a high level of inclusiveness across all levels of the Community.
  • Integrated Planning and sound policy All policy and planning needs must translate the Community needs and aspirations.
  • Representing all members of the Community All Council’s activities should broadly reflect Penrith’s demographics and have full Community support.
  • Good governance Council must always deliver good performance, minimise risk and ensure transparency, accountability and promotes efficiency and effectiveness and fulfil statutory obligations.

My Values

My Family is what is most important to me. Being raised in a large extended family we looked after one and another. I strongly believe that it takes a village to raise a child and that young people need the love and support of their family and community to reach their full potential. We must nurture positive relationships with our aged and vulnerable to make sure they have all required services.

I love Penrith and I’m passionate about keeping our character. I genuinely believe that as a society, we must care for our all our people and make sure they have respect, caring and are really listened to.

I want to make sure we provide security and a sense of belonging and make sure that everyone is valued. This is because, I enjoy meeting people and having a chat. I can honestly say we have so much character and many rich stories.

I always look forward to meeting people, and truly believe making them feel important, and I’m genuinely interested in people’s views and opinions because together we can finally help make Penrith the best place to live work and play. Everyone benefits if Penrith is vibrant and livable.

Wanting to contribute to our community by adding value, I believe in listening and collaboration. Being empathetic whilst being realistic. My business insight recognises that economic diversity opens doors and provides goods that the community needs and provides robust businesses that are sustainable and successful.

A bit about Me.

My husband and I moved in Penrith in 2002, we were attracted to Penrith because it provided a secure haven and supportive community where we could raise our daughter. We wanted to raise her in a community that felt like family, and where we would feel welcomed and in the past 18 years we have loved every minute and are Penrith Proud.

As a working mother, I’ve always been a strong advocate of the great work done by childcare groups, this is because I know first hand the importance of good quality, cost-effective childcare. That’s why For the past sixteen years, I’ve been involved with Tandara Childcare Centre, first as a parent and now as a community advocate for parents, working towards offering the best available childcare. I’m the Deputy Chair for the Penrith City Council Children’s Services Co-operative and have been on the Board as a Director for the past 16 years.

As my daughter got older I became an active member for the Jamison High School P&C. I was also the Co-Chair for Jamison High’s Action Team Partnership. I was very proud of this collaboration with both the Teachers, Parents and the Community. It’s always been my belief that it takes a village to raise a child and that as a community we need to ensure that students who do not want to go to University have every opportunity to become work ready. The programs we ran were aimed at getting local employers to help train and provide employment opportunities so our students can have the best opportunities in the workforce. I now volunteer with the Industry Partnership organisation working with young people, I enjoy chatting and and working with our young people to improve their confidence in work skills.

I will always continue to support all children in Penrith to reach their potential. I believe it takes a village to raise a child. I want Penrith to be able deliver all the services that will help them achieve their dreams.

Aside from being a mother, I’m also a professional, I hold a Diploma’s in Business Management, Financial Services, Communications and Accounting. I believe in continual professional development, so I’m currently at UWS studying Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting. I have an extremely strong business background as well as firsthand knowledge of the current business climate. I’ve spent the last 25 years in Finance Management within a Corporate structure.

Another area that I’m passionate about is making sure we have better local transport connections and links. As a commuter in Penrith, I’m aware of the issues we face regarding the lack of integrated local transport. Back in 2004, we lost vital bus services, so as a grass roots campaigner, I set up the South Penrith Resident’s Action Group and as a coordinator, we helped bring back important bus routes. Since that time I’ve been lobbying and advocating to develop better local transport for Penrith.

I’m also the president of the Western Sydney Public Transport Users group, a Sydney wide network of commuters advocating for better transport options.

I have a passion to be heard on issues affecting our community, so, please let me know of any issues big or small, I will work hard to ensure your voice is heard.

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Sue Day

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