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Politicians Take Note: We can Afford Better public Transport! If we stop building motorways

Posted on: June 23rd, 2018

There are few people who want a car-dominated sprawl, but that’s what we’ll get if we keep building roads.
This is because transport is supply led. History shows that if we build more roads, we get more traffic.
If we provide more public transport, people will use it.
Which means a better outcome for all. It’s time to make smarter choices about how our city grows.

This is an extract written by Daniel Bowen, who is the former president of the public transport users association in Victoria, He’s clearly articulated the same issue we have in Penrith.

Penrith is a regional city that is earmarked for substantial growth. Yet we have a public transport system that is ineffective.  How can you entice people to use public transport, when the current bus system is still operating on a a Tier two transport planning hierarchy.  (all routes end up at the station/City Centre).

Secondly, the timetable frequency hasn’t kept pace with the growth. Western Sydney people have no choice but to jump in their cars to drive to work, or simply get to the Penrith City centre!

Sadly, it definitely seems that the current Government’s view is; put more people in cars to travel outside Penrith for work! That way Western Sydney people have to use Toll Roads!

The current Government don’t care about the impact on an already stretched family budget. They careless that Western Sydney families have to wear the costs of running extra vehicles.

Look a few years ahead! What happens when your children reach driving age, in some cases there could be another three cars from one single household are on the road!  Imagine the profit that will generate for the Toll companies.

I bet my bottom dollar that Transurban loves the current NSW Government.