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Major Parties treating Council like a Preschool

Posted on: May 6th, 2018

Stop Using our Council as A Pre-School

I’m over both major parties treating Penrith City Council as their own “Political pre-school”. Both the Labor and Liberal Southward candidates are political staffers.

Worst still, neither of them mention this fact in their campaign biographical information.

It’s another instance of the major parties treating the community like mugs. They treat our Council as their own political pre-school; given staffers a run in local government simply to either try and train them up for state or federal politics or push the state and federal major party agendas.

I find it dishonest, that they prefer to pretend their motivations are community orientated.

it’s rank cynicism, especially when candidates only see council as a stepping stone, and like so many councillors before them who have used local Government as a kind of internship, they don’t care about the community. They only care about their own careers.

I’m calling on all voters to scrutinise the backgrounds of all candidates who wanted their votes.

Our local council does not need more career politicians, or political staffers to do the bidding on behalf of state and federal politicians. Our council needs people from the community, who are dedicated to building a better Penrith, not a better CV for themselves. I’m urging voters to ask questions of all the candidates; find out who they are and why they want to be on Penrith City Council.

The self-serving attitude from the Liberal and Labor parties gives little to the rest of us; for them it’s jobs for the boys and girls, whereas it should be about community service and dedication to local people.

I’m proud to be an independent, a local who wants to be on Penrith Council to make things better for ratepayers.

Local councils, should not be the playground for aspiring state or federal politicians. Local councils should be run by and or local residents and should address their concerns ad build better communities.