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Penrith deserves better local public transport

Posted on: June 26th, 2024

My notice of motion put to Council on Monday 24th June 2024

Whilst it’s important we remain focused on the mega capital public transport projects they shouldn’t come at the cost of improving intermediate bus services and maintain local bus services.

My notice of motion was to request an updated feasibility study for the implementation of a shuttle bus.
A Penrith CBD shuttle bus would
– provide alternative access for CBD visitors and workers
– It would help shoppers move around the CBD and visit more of the CBD
– Overall, it will make the CBD more accessible.

The second part of the notice of motion was to request to review current bus routes into the CBD with a view to implementing express services from outer suburbs.

I would like to thank the staff for their work on representation to busways around local bus services.
It was disappointing to hear that Busways believe that any additional local services are generally not warranted.

However, they did concede that additional number of late-night services on weekdays and weekends should be considered

So, under the integrated public transport services Penrith also needs an improved level 2 Intermediate transit network
Which includes Express services in peak periods and all-stop all day services.

My fellow councilors voted in Favour of this motion.