Sue Day


Parking solutions that work – Lower Council Rates – Sports and Recreation investment

Posted on: April 7th, 2018

Save the Date! 12th May 2018 – Vote #1 Sue Day

This is the date when you can help reshape Penrith by sending a clear message to Council 

We want to set new Priorities!

  • Better Parking facilities now!
  • Lower Rates
  • Increase spending on local sporting facilities, parks and recreation areas.

We need  to correct the current deficit in parking infrastructure!

We need to be able to meet the current needs as well as future needs.

We need to make better use of existing infrastructure, before we justify further expenditure or rate increases.

Help me make the people of Penrith the priority.

The Major Parties have had years to get it right, yet we have an absolute mess, we have the worst parking and congestion, They’ve inflicted special rate variation increases and have run down local sporting facilities.

All we ever hear from them are empty promises!

On the 12th May, hold them accountable for all the years of bad planning which has resulted in the current mess.

Seriously, we need a new focus, we have to reshape Council and make people the priority.

Remember on the 12th May send a clear message and Vote #1 Sue Day

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