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Nepean Avenue Residents let down by Councillors

Posted on: August 13th, 2016

Seriously, How angry would you be living on Nepean Avenue right now?

Finding out, by chance, there was a proposal put forward two months earlier for your idyllic street to be changed forever, and without any consideration on how you would feel about it, or your voice being heard!

Issues like these are why I want to be elected, Council needs a real shake up. They are making decisions without real consideration of local residents.

Even worse, currently Council has two blokes feigning interest in local issues, personally and it’s my view only. I think one is anti-everything and we all know the other has jumped wards, it makes me question their true  intentions. To me it’s quite obvious their only interest in this issue is getting in on any photo opportunity.

I also personally believe, residents deserve representatives that won’t ditch them when there are other things that interest them, (state and federal elections).  For this reason, I believe these questions should be answered by Councillors Cornish and Girotto?

  • Why didn’t they put the recommendation forward for a public meeting with residents of Nepean Avenue at the Council meeting 23rd May
  • Since 23rd May, what have they been doing in regards to consulting with the Nepean Avenue residents about the proposal?
  • What is their true interest in local issues, Why did they abandon the local area to fight the Federal election, you have to wonder though? did they by running against Fiona Scott end up playing a major part in the ousting of then federal member.

What’s the most important is finding  a real solution in consultation with residents for this situation so, on September 10th you have a chance for REAL CHANGE and ACTION




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