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Both Major Parties are full of it!

Posted on: April 21st, 2018

Both Major Parties are full of it!

Well, the Penrith By-Election on May 12th is shaping up to be full of the same old major party spin!

Seriously, both parties are so far out of touch it’s almost laughable. No actually, it is laughable.

In fact today, whilst door knocking and speaking to residents, the overwhelming comment was, “They’re as bad as each other”. Most locals told me that, both parties are full of utterly self-assured cookie cutter personality types. Overwhelmingly, all those I spoke too are sick of both parties.

As I told them, “This is your chance to stop the Major Parties doing anymore damage to Penrith”.

Our future depends on you saying enough is enough. This is your real chance to change!

So, on May 12, vote for me. I will stand up for you, and not party politics.

Please don’t vote for the cookie cutter party followers, your vote does matter. We need to focus on local issues, not party political agendas of State and Federal Politicians.

It’s time! Put Penrith people first, not Party Politics.

Vote 1 – Sue Day

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