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Let’s get Penrith Moving now. We need solutions now, not in the future.

Posted on: June 18th, 2016

We need the recommendations outlined in the recent Mckell Institute Two Birds One Stone report to be  implemented and Penrith be the envy of all other Cities.

Unfortunately it appears all they can do, is sell the idea that they will do something eventually.

The Mckell Institutes report, Two Birds One stone improve transport connectivity in NSW, has come up with recommendations that could improve Public transport and ease congestion.

These recommendations aim to best address the transport needs of a growing population, through cost effective solutions that capitalise on existing assets.

It’s comes as no surprise to the many Public transport lobby groups that, as the Mckell Institute report states. “As Sydney’s population grows, so does the pressure on public transport networks and the city’s infrastructure” it reads.

The Mckell institute report goes into great detail also on a range of recommendations that could effectively capitalise on existing community assets, Penrith could greatly benefit with these.

Suggestions such as shuttle buses and car parking facilities outside city centres could provide the necessary services for all of Sydney’s growing urban population, their report states.

Whilst they only outline a few trouble spots in their report, it doesn’t take away from the fact that some of their recommendations could substantially improve the public transport services and ease congestion locally, and help get Penrith moving now.

It makes sense, their recommendations in collaborating with operators of existing community assets could assist the NSW Government better connect Greater Sydney’s transport network, and encourage higher utilisation rates and, therefore limiting the congestion, this would result in benefiting the lives of ordinary commuters, as well as benefiting local economies.

Link to the full report

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