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Politicians Take Note: We can Afford Better public Transport! If we stop building motorways

Posted on: June 23rd, 2018

There are few people who want a car-dominated sprawl, but that’s what we’ll get if we keep building roads.
This is because transport is supply led. History shows that if we build more roads, we get more traffic.
If we provide more public transport, people will use it.
Which means a better outcome for all. It’s time to make smarter choices about how our city grows.

This is an extract written by Daniel Bowen, who is the former president of the public transport users association in Victoria, He’s clearly articulated the same issue we have in Penrith.

Penrith is a regional city that is earmarked for substantial growth. Yet we have a public transport system that is ineffective.  How can you entice people to use public transport, when the current bus system is still operating on a a Tier two transport planning hierarchy.  (all routes end up at the station/City Centre).

Secondly, the timetable frequency hasn’t kept pace with the growth. Western Sydney people have no choice but to jump in their cars to drive to work, or simply get to the Penrith City centre!

Sadly, it definitely seems that the current Government’s view is; put more people in cars to travel outside Penrith for work! That way Western Sydney people have to use Toll Roads!

The current Government don’t care about the impact on an already stretched family budget. They careless that Western Sydney families have to wear the costs of running extra vehicles.

Look a few years ahead! What happens when your children reach driving age, in some cases there could be another three cars from one single household are on the road!  Imagine the profit that will generate for the Toll companies.

I bet my bottom dollar that Transurban loves the current NSW Government.

Major Parties treating Council like a Preschool

Posted on: May 6th, 2018

Stop Using our Council as A Pre-School

I’m over both major parties treating Penrith City Council as their own “Political pre-school”. Both the Labor and Liberal Southward candidates are political staffers.

Worst still, neither of them mention this fact in their campaign biographical information.

It’s another instance of the major parties treating the community like mugs. They treat our Council as their own political pre-school; given staffers a run in local government simply to either try and train them up for state or federal politics or push the state and federal major party agendas.

I find it dishonest, that they prefer to pretend their motivations are community orientated.

it’s rank cynicism, especially when candidates only see council as a stepping stone, and like so many councillors before them who have used local Government as a kind of internship, they don’t care about the community. They only care about their own careers.

I’m calling on all voters to scrutinise the backgrounds of all candidates who wanted their votes.

Our local council does not need more career politicians, or political staffers to do the bidding on behalf of state and federal politicians. Our council needs people from the community, who are dedicated to building a better Penrith, not a better CV for themselves. I’m urging voters to ask questions of all the candidates; find out who they are and why they want to be on Penrith City Council.

The self-serving attitude from the Liberal and Labor parties gives little to the rest of us; for them it’s jobs for the boys and girls, whereas it should be about community service and dedication to local people.

I’m proud to be an independent, a local who wants to be on Penrith Council to make things better for ratepayers.

Local councils, should not be the playground for aspiring state or federal politicians. Local councils should be run by and or local residents and should address their concerns ad build better communities.

BLAH BLAH BLAH Major parties talking!

Posted on: April 29th, 2018

BLAH,BLAH, BLAH, Yep, that’s exactly how the Liberal and Labor Candidate’s priorities resonated!

A whole lotta words with no meaning, let alone sentiment! Fun fact though! one works for a Major Party and one works for a State MP!

Both released their platforms, No real surprises!  They’re based around State Issues! which are obviously more important to the Candidates when you consider who they both work for. Also remember, both left this vital information from their bios..

Their priorities are clear, State issues!  Clearly, the major parties don’t care about local issues!  Really, it’s not surprising, it’s not like they can stand proud on their achievements in Penrith.

My priority this week has been  spending time talking to the small business owners on High Street, Everyone I spoke to are absolutely peeved off with Council. The complaints ranged from, inconsistent policies, lack of communication and currently, the severe lack of strategy to really improve businesses during the current construction zone. (or as it was explained to me,  making it more attractive to Investors so they can sell off to the council owned land for the city park). They all agreed, my policy around resolving parking issues would be a great benefit, and would support it whole heartily.



Another focus this week was the Western Sydney Airport.  concerned residents have been contacting me asking for my view on the Airport. As far as I’m aware it’s a done deal.. I’m definitely concerned about the no curfew though!  The main concern for me, is not the Passenger airlines, but the freight side. I’m concerned about the whole logistic hub, that may create a massive increase in heavy haulage trucks. This huge scale of increase will definitely impact the residential areas.

Remembering that this airport has been pouted to become a aerotropolis that will become a 24/7 Freight depot!

This airport is being advertised as the only curfew-free international airport in the Sydney Basin (I Ackeran,, Nov 2017).

Further reading and investigation definitely needed! if anyone can shed light on the topic, I’m happy to hear from you!

Remember on 12th May vote for a real chance for change!


Both Major Parties are full of it!

Posted on: April 21st, 2018

Both Major Parties are full of it!

Well, the Penrith By-Election on May 12th is shaping up to be full of the same old major party spin!

Seriously, both parties are so far out of touch it’s almost laughable. No actually, it is laughable.

In fact today, whilst door knocking and speaking to residents, the overwhelming comment was, “They’re as bad as each other”. Most locals told me that, both parties are full of utterly self-assured cookie cutter personality types. Overwhelmingly, all those I spoke too are sick of both parties.

As I told them, “This is your chance to stop the Major Parties doing anymore damage to Penrith”.

Our future depends on you saying enough is enough. This is your real chance to change!

So, on May 12, vote for me. I will stand up for you, and not party politics.

Please don’t vote for the cookie cutter party followers, your vote does matter. We need to focus on local issues, not party political agendas of State and Federal Politicians.

It’s time! Put Penrith people first, not Party Politics.

Vote 1 – Sue Day

Parking solutions that work – Lower Council Rates – Sports and Recreation investment

Posted on: April 7th, 2018

Save the Date! 12th May 2018 – Vote #1 Sue Day

This is the date when you can help reshape Penrith by sending a clear message to Council 

We want to set new Priorities!

  • Better Parking facilities now!
  • Lower Rates
  • Increase spending on local sporting facilities, parks and recreation areas.

We need  to correct the current deficit in parking infrastructure!

We need to be able to meet the current needs as well as future needs.

We need to make better use of existing infrastructure, before we justify further expenditure or rate increases.

Help me make the people of Penrith the priority.

The Major Parties have had years to get it right, yet we have an absolute mess, we have the worst parking and congestion, They’ve inflicted special rate variation increases and have run down local sporting facilities.

All we ever hear from them are empty promises!

On the 12th May, hold them accountable for all the years of bad planning which has resulted in the current mess.

Seriously, we need a new focus, we have to reshape Council and make people the priority.

Remember on the 12th May send a clear message and Vote #1 Sue Day

Submission for the Draft Community Engagement strategy 2016

Posted on: November 27th, 2016

Below are the questions I asked in my submission:

We need to know how will the community be able to measure if Council has increased the level of public participation?

Plus how will feedback be provided back to all participants in the following engagement areas:

 Advocacy, planning and development?

City, Places and Projects?

Community Wellbeing

Emergency Services, regulation and waste?


Public Spaces and Community Safety?

Nepean Avenue Residents let down by Councillors

Posted on: August 13th, 2016

Seriously, How angry would you be living on Nepean Avenue right now?

Finding out, by chance, there was a proposal put forward two months earlier for your idyllic street to be changed forever, and without any consideration on how you would feel about it, or your voice being heard!

Issues like these are why I want to be elected, Council needs a real shake up. They are making decisions without real consideration of local residents.

Even worse, currently Council has two blokes feigning interest in local issues, personally and it’s my view only. I think one is anti-everything and we all know the other has jumped wards, it makes me question their true  intentions. To me it’s quite obvious their only interest in this issue is getting in on any photo opportunity.

I also personally believe, residents deserve representatives that won’t ditch them when there are other things that interest them, (state and federal elections).  For this reason, I believe these questions should be answered by Councillors Cornish and Girotto?

  • Why didn’t they put the recommendation forward for a public meeting with residents of Nepean Avenue at the Council meeting 23rd May
  • Since 23rd May, what have they been doing in regards to consulting with the Nepean Avenue residents about the proposal?
  • What is their true interest in local issues, Why did they abandon the local area to fight the Federal election, you have to wonder though? did they by running against Fiona Scott end up playing a major part in the ousting of then federal member.

What’s the most important is finding  a real solution in consultation with residents for this situation so, on September 10th you have a chance for REAL CHANGE and ACTION




Post Card from out on the Hustings

Posted on: August 13th, 2016

What a great day I had out and about meeting people, a lot of lovely residents shared with me their concerns, which I must say were all centred around the direction Penrith was heading. They are not happy.

Now these people have lived in Penrith for a long time, it’s their home and they have no intention of leaving.

I must add that the areas where I visited are set with a stunning back drop, so I can understand why they want to age in place.

Their main gripe is that Council never listens.
They want Action and they want Change.

Remember this is your chance to get Action.  Vote 1# Sue Day on 10th September







Penrith – Practical ways to ease congestion now

Posted on: July 29th, 2016

The most practical solutions that can be implemented very easily..  There needs to be commuter parking with a combination of the following options..

  1. Negotiating with private enterprise to provide a shuttle bus from both a North and South location costs to be fully covered by NSW Government.
  2. Providing extra bus services for existing and slightly altered routes fully funded by the State Government


Driveway Safety – Are your Kids at Risk?

Posted on: July 10th, 2016

Driveway Safety Are your kids at risk?

Shannon and Rebecca have two gorgeous children and, drive way safety is now at the forefront of their mind.

After hearing about an unfortunate accident where a fathers vehicle accidentally ran over his two year old son, Shannon admitted that this type of accident is a big fear for both of them.