Sue Day – The Voice of Penrith

Who is Sue Day?

Penrith is my home.  I love this City!

I am a Proud Passionate local, I will always work hard to ensure Penrith is the number one destination to live work and play.

I will continually advocate ensuring that the Penrith Community is the number one priority for Council.

I’m a passionate member of the Penrith Community who will work hard to see improvements delivered by our Council.

My husband and I moved in Penrith in 2002, we were attracted to Penrith because it provided a secure haven and supportive community where we could raise our daughter. We wanted to raise her in a community where we would feel welcomed and in the past 16 years we have never regretted the decision to move here.

As a mother, I’ve always been a strong advocate of the great work done by childcare groups because I know first hand the importance of good quality, cost-effective childcare. For the past twelve years, I’ve been a chairperson for the Tandara Childcare Centre, I’m a current Deputy Chair on the Penrith City Council Children’s Services and have been on the Cooperative for the past 14 years.

As my daughter got older I became an active member for the Jamison High School P&C. I am the Co-Chair for Jamison High’s Action Team Partnership. I am very proud of this collaboration with both the Teachers, Parents and the Community. It is our belief that it takes a village to raise a child, in 2016 one of our goals is to ensure that students who do not want to go to University have every opportunity to become work ready. The programs we run are aimed at getting local employers to help train and provide employment opportunities so our students can have the best opportunities in the workforce.

I will continue to support all children in Penrith to reach their potential. I believe it takes a village to raise a child. I want Penrith to be able deliver all the services that will help them achieve their dreams

Aside from being a mother, I’m also a professional, I hold a Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Financial Services and a Diploma in Communications. I’ve spent the last 20 years as a Manager with a Private National Company, I have an extremely strong business background as well as firsthand knowledge of the current business climate.

Another area that I’m passionate about is local transport. As a commuter in Penrith, I’m aware of the issues we face regarding local transport, this is why I’m a member of the South Penrith Resident’s Action Group. As a coordinator, I’ve helped see through and bring back important bus routes, and helped develop programs aimed at developing better transport options in Penrith.

I’m also the president of the Western Sydney Public Transport Users group, a Sydney wide network of commuters advocating for better transport options.


I have a passion to be heard on issues affecting our community, so, please let me know of any issues big or small, I will work hard to ensure your voice is heard.

Contact Sue on 0411 395 363 or email