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People want Sustainability

Posted on: November 2nd, 2021

Locals want sustainability – We care for our Environment

Public participation has been curtailed significantly with respect to some of the largest and most potentially environmentally damaging proposals especially if it is a State Significant Developments or critical infrastructure proposals

Our Priority should be protecting our natural environment

There is an increasing need for better local urban design that not only ensures people stay safe, but can thrive in future climatic conditions

Why is it important

Green infrastructure is a cost-effective cooling strategy, it helps reduce the carbon footprint of our city. Creating cooler outdoor spaces contribute to cooling the city, it helps both to reduce the carbon footprint and create an energy system with greater capacity to meet peak demands and avoid power outages

You can achieve this by:

Improved neighborhood parks, street trees, community gardens, green roofs and vertical gardens as well as installation of rooftop solar power on all council buildings, rainwater harvesting, storm water harvesting and recycled water systems allow greater irrigation during droughts.