Sue Day



Posted on: May 17th, 2013

Fringe parking Stations – instead of Slashing Parking

If Penrith Council are serious about addressing commuter car parking issues our city, they need to be creative in their strategy.

Council cannot simplistically reduce the number of all day parking bays without giving the people another option.

Better solutions are need, solutions Council cannot ignore. As an example, a shuttle bus service which could provide express services to safe all day parking stations on the fringe of the city. Other councils, such as Wollongong Council implemented a shuttle service and they have already seen a benefit.

The provision of a Peak Period shuttle service could offer a reliable 10 minute express service from fringe parking stations to the train station and city centre. In non-peak times, a 15 minutes service would improve the flow of vehicles that currently add to congestion. With a solid strategy in place, Penrith City would have a critical piece of infrastructure that would make it a choice destination for both families and business.

Another strategy could be the option of businesses paying for reserved parking. Any charges that are levied could be channeled to a fund which then can be used to improve paths, cycle ways, and public transport. This is far better strategy than reducing car parking and would go some way in providing much need infrastructure.


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